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Surges - that`s why you need a surge protector

Surges in power network which are the most common cause of data loss and damage to electronic devices.
Surges are usually short-lived and intense increases in the voltage of the power network. Voltage may sometimes reach a level several thousand times higher than normal in less than one one-thousandth of a second. Antisurge protection, therefore is essential. Normal fuses cannot serve this purpose, as their reaction time is too slow. The best method of protection is the varistor system that is used by the SPOCK & SPARK filter.

Typical sources of surges are:
- atmospheric discharges
- switch-overs at power transferring and distribution stations
- an induction equipment like electric engines, washing machines, refrigerators etc.

SPARK and SPOCK filters are essential form of protection for all types of electronic equipment:
- computers, monitors
- printers, plotters
- faxes, photocopiers
- music devices
- teller machines and electronics scales
- TV-sat
- Hi-Fi equipment

It is also recommended as a supplement to emergency power supplies (UPS).